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SEO is an extremely important part of any Website's implementation. What is the good in having a website if it can't be found?  71% of search engine users click on a result that appears on page one, while results on pages two and three only get 5% of the clicks.1  For this reason, this has become Eccentric Monkey's niche.  Our SEO services come at a local rate or international rate.  We will thoroughly go over what is best for your industry, consulting, and analytics come with this service.  You will be able to track your growth.  Monthly email reports of detailed site information such as, where your visitors are viewing from, how long they spend on a specific page, where they found your site, the search terms they used and more!


SEO gives the search engines what they are looking for within your site to show it to a user. It combines factors of your website code, backlinks from other sites, social media, local business listings, citations and the trust of your site on the web. Although it's complicated, our formula is tested and proves worth in even the most competitive industries.




We determine the price of our SEO services by breaking down a number of factors such as:

  • How big is the website? How many pages need to be optimized?

  • How much content development is needed? 

  • Is the site lacking important pages?

  • If it is a local business, are there multiple locations needing multiple setups?

  •  How many backlinks does the site have? If not many, we will focus the budget more towards that.

  • How strong is the industry competition? 




Eccentric Monkey LLC was a great company to work with! Awesome for any e-commerce business that needs website traffic and more sales. Holly was knowledgeable and friendly. We had a new product that she got on the 1st page of Google within a week! We did not even know that was possible. (you usually hear SEO takes time) Highly recommend Eccentric Monkey! Best SEO service around!

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I would have to say working with Holly was one of the best investments our company has made. She had our website on the first page of Google locally and nationally very quickly after hiring her. She also got us a huge return on investment for our Adwords account. Great consulting! Very impressive.



When it comes to website building, SEO and knowledge, this is the place to go. In just a short time our business has doubled. Eccentric Monkey is a top notch Company when it comes to offering solutions, envisioning a plan, researching if needed and knowledge to get the job done. Whatever it is you can envision or what your goals are, I would definitely recommend Eccentric Monkey. -

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